CD Art, Our Single, New Website, and 2 Week Countdown!

Howdy everyone!  Boy, there’s so much to talk about…

First of all, I’m extremely happy to announce that the official digital album release date will be November 18, 2014. Yes, that is only two weeks away!

Look for it on bandcamp, iTunes, CD Baby and more. I’m looking to make it as cheap as possible (I know on bandcamp I can make it free, so go there first!)

CD Artwork

Ven Locklear has designed the label that will be on all of your physical CDs.  It’s incredibly awesome, and I think it captures the essence of the project pretty damn well.

The words around the edge are taken directly from the Heike’s Tomb in Cheboygan, MI. How great is that?

Updated Website

In the meantime, you should also check out our brand new website designed by our Art Director, Lindsey Pollock! 

Official Single Release

Now, we were all so excited about the album being done that we wanted to share a song with everyone ahead of time.  So without further ado, we present “Anti-Annunciation,” the second track of the album. It is this song where Abram is first told the bad news (visit here for lyrics.)

You may also see us share this on Facebook later today, so please give it a share if you’re enjoying it! We’re not looking to make money on sales, obviously, but we want to share our work with as many people as possible 🙂


Cover Art

Dear followers,

I must apologize for our silence of late, but as always, it is merely an indication of the work that we have been doing to get this album done!

Everything is in Adam’s hands right now, as we are going through the final mixes of the tracks.  I really believe we’ll be able to release this thing in November, or December if something unexpected happens.

Anyhow, I wanted to update you all with our album cover art that was done by Eric Priestley.  It’s just awesome, and working with Eric is always a treat.  Enjoy the artwork, and stay tuned as things become more finalized!

a quiet night in Appalachia

a quiet night in Appalachia

Scratch Tracks vs. Life

Adam and I have been doing our best to meet weekly for this project, but plenty other aspects of our lives have been keeping us busy as well.

For starters, Adam just got married!  Very exciting- congrats to him and his wife! And who knew the guy could dance?


pretty smooth for the lord of the underworld

But guess who’s next in line?  That’s right… I’m getting married in less than two months now (and I severely underestimated just how much time planning a wedding takes.)

It is extremely exciting, indeed, but it just means that B&B can’t be at the forefront right now. Cannot wait to marry this girl!

“until death do us part” – photo by our friend brett

To add to the mix, Patrick is expecting his firstborn in July.  Crazy

Anyhow, we’re moving forward and have made some considerable progress on track 10, Kings.  Here is the scratch track with some MIDI drums.  Not the cleanest take, but it gets the job done.

The ending progression is actually going to be a few minutes longer this. We have grand ideas!

3 Days Remain

I usually post early in the day, so I thought I’d throw you all off by posting right now. WHOA.

So then, we’ve been making great strides with the Kickstarter, and the support has been inspiring, to say the least.  Thank you everyone!

That said, we’re still not at 100%.  Please help us out any way you can!  Sharing the link with friends is a good way to go, but pledging $1000 helps quite a bit too. Here,

Keep in mind that I won’t be printing t-shirts again (I’m not really in the merchandise business) so this is your last chance to grab one of these bad boys!


Same goes for posters, so get on it!  This Sunday (appropriately, Easter Sunday) is the last day of the campaign, don’t be late.

I think this will be my last post until after the Kickstarter ends, so next time you hear from me I’ll either be ecstatic or deeply, deeply depressed.  I’m counting on you all!

Names for Track 4 & 10

Howdy everyone.  First order of business: KICKSTARTER.  We’re currently not on pace to meet our goal, which is scary… Have you told your friends about this yet??  If we don’t reach 100%, this whole thing might die… which is sad, but the truth 😦   Please share if you want this to happen!

Anyhow, we still want to show off some new developments.  Most importantly is Track 4.  We’ve added a harmonica part, beefed up the guitars, and made some changes here and there.  It’s finally ready for a name.

Track 4 shall henceforth be known as Revelations. Now, I know I’ve been making quite a few biblical references with song names, but I think it goes well…

Here is the latest version of the song:

As for Track 10, we haven’t made many updates…  I’ve added a new chord progression to go in the slower part, but it isn’t recorded yet. Nevertheless, I thought of the perfect name for the final track of our album.

The song will be about Abram and his son going off to conquer mankind in their own names (they’ve forsaken God at this point.) Therefore the song shall be called Kings.

It’s short and simple, but powerful.  I like it.

1 Year, 100 Posts… and KICKSTARTER

It really has been quite the year, and I’ve had a great time sharing our progress with you for over 100 posts.  It’s time to celebrate!

We’ve launched our Kickstarter campaign today, and we’re really going for it!  $10,666 dollars, if raised before Easter Sunday, will be enough to put all of us into the studio over the next year so we can professionally produce this album.

We need help though! Metalgrass is not the most popular genre of music, but if each one of our followers shares a post on some form of social media, our project should certainly find the attention of some interested people!

Please help by spreading the word!  Take a look at our campaign, and if it jives with you, share this link:

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate everyone who has taken an interest in our project.  It’s fun to know that other people want to see this happen as much as we do.  Thank you all!