No sleep till Brooklyn

This week is a big one, folks.

Adam, my wife Kara, and I are flying to New York City this week to live in a studio for three days. Meeting us there will be Patrick (Abram Stone, banjo), Dan (Town Mayor, banjo), Peebs (harmonica), and a mystery mandolinist! Seriously…we’ve been through about 4 or 5 mandolinists, and there’s no telling who may or may not show up this week…

Anyhow, we’re all super excited, and we’ll be sharing pictures and video from the studio sessions once we return!

In fact, I might just tweet the entire time.  Twitter really isn’t my cup of tea, but perhaps this will be an appropriate time for it! Check out our account,, and I’ll do my best to keep you all updated.



We’re still here, and we’re goin strong.  It’s definitely been a lot of work, but plenty of fun, too.

Right now, drums are 100% done, and bass guitar is about 95% done.


it’s a fender p-bass. nothing special, but it’s all i need.

Of course that means that we’re now onto guitar. Adam and I decided that we should do acoustic guitar first, just because we want more time to analyze and think about the recording quality. We might revisit it later and play with the mic positions, for example. So far though, so good.

Working with Adam has been a pretty great experience though.  If I had only 1 or 2 days in the studio to record everything, I’d be hosed.  I suppose I’ve done it a few times before, but everything is just more relaxed when you can discuss things, brainstorm, try different methods, and not worry about racking up the bill.


pointing his mic at my guitar hole

So far, the acoustic parts are sounding great. We’ve spent exactly zero minutes mixing, but that will have its time.  We’ve done a bit of electric guitar, but after recording a few songs, I realized that the intonation was off a bit. Damn.

This just means I have to take the guitar into the shop and re-record everything… oh well.  (If I were a true musician, I could fine-tune the guitar myself…but I don’t really know anything.)  It’s nothing that breaks the schedule, though.  Things are looking up!


over-the-ear headphones are over-rated

It’s all happening.

Our drummer, Jake, is officially done with his contribution to B&B.  That’s right, folks, drums are donezo.

Here is Jake playing air drums for me the night before he went into the studio.


We had to work out a few tricky transitions and decide on the feel for certain sections, but I think we came to some solid agreements. I’m pretty excited to hear what Jake recorded for us, but alas, I gotta wait until the USB stick arrives in the mail!

How crazy… drums are locked in, and I have no idea how they sound! I’m not worried though, we recorded with a solid dude in Michigan, and Jake doesn’t do half-ass.

We’re all gonna be pretty happy with the results.

So what else is new?  Well let’s see… PATRICK HAD A BABY.

This is his new girl.  She’s reppin’ Detroit pretty hard here…


So far she hasn’t shown any signs of being the devil’s child… so that’s good too. 

Annnd let’s see here… Oh yes, NICOLE IS ENGAGED!  Good lord, life sure has thrown a lot of good our way this year. Let’s keep it going during the recording process!

This post will not be well written

Mainly because I’m super excited and short of time, my apologies!

This was my view the other night:

jake_skypeYou will notice two things.

1.) Our drummer, Jake, is looking super handsome.

2.) I have new studio monitors.

Both of these things make me pretty happy, but the best part of all is that Jake is going to the studio NEXT WEEK (which is why we were Skyping.)  Holy hot damn.  That’s coming up right quick.

Did I mention that I’m married now?  Check this out.


july 6, 2013

NICE.  The wedding was fantastic, by the way.  I am one happy dude!

Ok, back to work!  Need to finish up a few things before Jake records the final drum takes for the album…

A man, a plan, a blackgrass album.

Hidy ho.

Things are moving, albeit slow as ever.  I thought planning a kickstarter was intense, but it doesn’t compare to a wedding!  Especially when you live in California and will be getting married in Michigan…

Anyhow, Adam and I got together to do some serious planning and re-evaluation.  I can’t stress how valuable Adam has been for the project. He understands the mechanics of laying tracks down, and really helped with prioritizing the recording process.  It was a productive evening, even if we were buzzed off of this stuff:


black metal beer? i’m in.

So then, the good news?  We have a great plan forward, and we know it’s going to work.

The bad news?  It puts the release at least 2 months behind schedule.  Have a look for yourself.


Adam and I decided that we will be mixing this thing ourselves. However, we do plan to pull in some seasoned professionals for some key guidance here and there.

We’re going to have a great album in the end.  You can be sure of that.

Scratch Tracks vs. Life

Adam and I have been doing our best to meet weekly for this project, but plenty other aspects of our lives have been keeping us busy as well.

For starters, Adam just got married!  Very exciting- congrats to him and his wife! And who knew the guy could dance?


pretty smooth for the lord of the underworld

But guess who’s next in line?  That’s right… I’m getting married in less than two months now (and I severely underestimated just how much time planning a wedding takes.)

It is extremely exciting, indeed, but it just means that B&B can’t be at the forefront right now. Cannot wait to marry this girl!

“until death do us part” – photo by our friend brett

To add to the mix, Patrick is expecting his firstborn in July.  Crazy

Anyhow, we’re moving forward and have made some considerable progress on track 10, Kings.  Here is the scratch track with some MIDI drums.  Not the cleanest take, but it gets the job done.

The ending progression is actually going to be a few minutes longer this. We have grand ideas!

Don’t you worry

I’m still here, and we’re still working.  But life is taking us on a wild ride!

Just a few of the things that are going on:

  • Satan is getting married THIS WEEKEND
  • Abram Stone is having a kid in August
  • I am wifing my life up in July

Holy shit…this is nuts.

That said, we’ve already been brewing ideas and working logistics.  Song development is also moving along.  I just finished up the click track for the last song of the album, and I predict it will be around 8-9 minutes long.  Very excited about that.

Anyhow, I want to let you all know that that a post every 2 weeks is probably going to be the norm from now on.   We’ll be working hard on planning and writing, and putting forth less effort on the social media end.

Don’t worry though, I love sharing progress and giving you insight into the project.  That will continue!