Brooklyn, Day 2

The second day started out much the same as the last, though Patrick was with us from the beginning, albeit still sick… No matter, we had plenty of banjo parts to tackle, and Dan still had to record his vocals as the Town Mayor.  Despite our productive first day, there was no room for relaxing.

Bella, our expert engineer, got us started smooth as ever.  Having Adam, who is our producer, in the studio was also a huge asset. This project could easily become a logistical nightmare for someone who isn’t experienced with tracking/mixing (like me) but Adam always knew what we needed in terms of technical specifications, file types, and processing.  He also helped us keep on a steady course, and as always, had substantial creative input on the music.

Adam and Bella at the console

Adam and Bella at the console

Later in the day, Joe (our marketing director and good friend) joined us in the studio to hang out and help.  He also brought his video camera to get some footage of the session. Unfortunately I think he missed Dan behind the microphone making everyone in the studio cry with laughter. I think we might have some sound clips to share though.

Dan on the 5-string

Dan on the 5-string

Before the day was done, we were able to knock out about 90% of the banjo parts, and completely finished the harmonica. It was nice to be able to check those items off the list! We still had a ton of Abram Stone vocals left to do though, and we hadn’t even started to record mandolin.  Day 3 was going to be a critical one.


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