We’re still here, and we’re goin strong.  It’s definitely been a lot of work, but plenty of fun, too.

Right now, drums are 100% done, and bass guitar is about 95% done.


it’s a fender p-bass. nothing special, but it’s all i need.

Of course that means that we’re now onto guitar. Adam and I decided that we should do acoustic guitar first, just because we want more time to analyze and think about the recording quality. We might revisit it later and play with the mic positions, for example. So far though, so good.

Working with Adam has been a pretty great experience though.  If I had only 1 or 2 days in the studio to record everything, I’d be hosed.  I suppose I’ve done it a few times before, but everything is just more relaxed when you can discuss things, brainstorm, try different methods, and not worry about racking up the bill.


pointing his mic at my guitar hole

So far, the acoustic parts are sounding great. We’ve spent exactly zero minutes mixing, but that will have its time.  We’ve done a bit of electric guitar, but after recording a few songs, I realized that the intonation was off a bit. Damn.

This just means I have to take the guitar into the shop and re-record everything… oh well.  (If I were a true musician, I could fine-tune the guitar myself…but I don’t really know anything.)  It’s nothing that breaks the schedule, though.  Things are looking up!


over-the-ear headphones are over-rated