It’s all happening.

Our drummer, Jake, is officially done with his contribution to B&B.  That’s right, folks, drums are donezo.

Here is Jake playing air drums for me the night before he went into the studio.


We had to work out a few tricky transitions and decide on the feel for certain sections, but I think we came to some solid agreements. I’m pretty excited to hear what Jake recorded for us, but alas, I gotta wait until the USB stick arrives in the mail!

How crazy… drums are locked in, and I have no idea how they sound! I’m not worried though, we recorded with a solid dude in Michigan, and Jake doesn’t do half-ass.

We’re all gonna be pretty happy with the results.

So what else is new?  Well let’s see… PATRICK HAD A BABY.

This is his new girl.  She’s reppin’ Detroit pretty hard here…


So far she hasn’t shown any signs of being the devil’s child… so that’s good too. 

Annnd let’s see here… Oh yes, NICOLE IS ENGAGED!  Good lord, life sure has thrown a lot of good our way this year. Let’s keep it going during the recording process!