A man, a plan, a blackgrass album.

Hidy ho.

Things are moving, albeit slow as ever.  I thought planning a kickstarter was intense, but it doesn’t compare to a wedding!  Especially when you live in California and will be getting married in Michigan…

Anyhow, Adam and I got together to do some serious planning and re-evaluation.  I can’t stress how valuable Adam has been for the project. He understands the mechanics of laying tracks down, and really helped with prioritizing the recording process.  It was a productive evening, even if we were buzzed off of this stuff:


black metal beer? i’m in.

So then, the good news?  We have a great plan forward, and we know it’s going to work.

The bad news?  It puts the release at least 2 months behind schedule.  Have a look for yourself.


Adam and I decided that we will be mixing this thing ourselves. However, we do plan to pull in some seasoned professionals for some key guidance here and there.

We’re going to have a great album in the end.  You can be sure of that.


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