Scratch Tracks vs. Life

Adam and I have been doing our best to meet weekly for this project, but plenty other aspects of our lives have been keeping us busy as well.

For starters, Adam just got married!  Very exciting- congrats to him and his wife! And who knew the guy could dance?


pretty smooth for the lord of the underworld

But guess who’s next in line?  That’s right… I’m getting married in less than two months now (and I severely underestimated just how much time planning a wedding takes.)

It is extremely exciting, indeed, but it just means that B&B can’t be at the forefront right now. Cannot wait to marry this girl!

“until death do us part” – photo by our friend brett

To add to the mix, Patrick is expecting his firstborn in July.  Crazy

Anyhow, we’re moving forward and have made some considerable progress on track 10, Kings.  Here is the scratch track with some MIDI drums.  Not the cleanest take, but it gets the job done.

The ending progression is actually going to be a few minutes longer this. We have grand ideas!