Names for Track 4 & 10

Howdy everyone.  First order of business: KICKSTARTER.  We’re currently not on pace to meet our goal, which is scary… Have you told your friends about this yet??  If we don’t reach 100%, this whole thing might die… which is sad, but the truth 😦   Please share if you want this to happen!

Anyhow, we still want to show off some new developments.  Most importantly is Track 4.  We’ve added a harmonica part, beefed up the guitars, and made some changes here and there.  It’s finally ready for a name.

Track 4 shall henceforth be known as Revelations. Now, I know I’ve been making quite a few biblical references with song names, but I think it goes well…

Here is the latest version of the song:

As for Track 10, we haven’t made many updates…  I’ve added a new chord progression to go in the slower part, but it isn’t recorded yet. Nevertheless, I thought of the perfect name for the final track of our album.

The song will be about Abram and his son going off to conquer mankind in their own names (they’ve forsaken God at this point.) Therefore the song shall be called Kings.

It’s short and simple, but powerful.  I like it.


One thought on “Names for Track 4 & 10

  1. Kate says:

    The harmonica does it for me

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