And work continues…

Throwing a Kickstarter is pretty intense, and is keeping us all very busy.  Working on content has almost come to a standstill, but we’re still moving!

We gotta maintain the momentum so we can get right back into the swing of things once we’re funded. (No ifs about it!)

Anyhow, Track 2 has been neglected for quite a while so I sat down to write some more lyrics.  I’m still working out some kinks in the middle, but I think we have an ending that I’m happy with.

Unfortunately, we’re back to draft quality recordings and my amateur vocals, so bear with me here.  Have a listen:

Here are the lyrics, which are supposed to be sung by Abram:

Hell, I’d do anything that the lord asks me to do
Forgive me for my doubts, your voice truly is the voice of
God…damn, our salvation rests in my hands!
But I won’t let you down, I will swear that on my wife’s grave.

As you may recall, this is the song where Abram is tricked by the Devil into believing that he’s actually Jesus.

Maaannnn, Abram can be so dumb sometimes.


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