Kickstarter Update: Week 1

Greetings, dear readers.

If you’re fascinated by statistics, then you’ll enjoy this post.  They’ve been driving me crazy though…

First off, we had a great start!  We achieved 10% funding within 36 hours, and made the Staff Picks list before the first day was over.  That’s awesome!

Shortly after launching the Kickstarter, I discovered, a site that collects great data on almost all of the ongoing campaigns and generates some neat graphics.

The news isn’t super great, unfortunately.  Take a look at our performance after the second day:

Yeah…I suppose it could be a bit better…

But that’s ok! We’ve gotten some great exposure and mentions from Metal Underground, The Monolith, and A Metal State of Mind.  Very cool stuff, and I don’t think things could be more positive!  Thank you all for the support so far!

That said, we still do need help here.  At only 18%, we’ll never make our goal if we don’t step things up!  I think you’re all doing your part though, so just keep it up.  If you’re able to share a link on some social networks, then all the better!

Here’s a short link for you:

Tweet that to your gamgam.


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