3 Days Remain

I usually post early in the day, so I thought I’d throw you all off by posting right now. WHOA.

So then, we’ve been making great strides with the Kickstarter, and the support has been inspiring, to say the least.  Thank you everyone!

That said, we’re still not at 100%.  Please help us out any way you can!  Sharing the link with friends is a good way to go, but pledging $1000 helps quite a bit too. Here, http://kck.st/13nLhm5

Keep in mind that I won’t be printing t-shirts again (I’m not really in the merchandise business) so this is your last chance to grab one of these bad boys!


Same goes for posters, so get on it!  This Sunday (appropriately, Easter Sunday) is the last day of the campaign, don’t be late.

I think this will be my last post until after the Kickstarter ends, so next time you hear from me I’ll either be ecstatic or deeply, deeply depressed.  I’m counting on you all!


Oops… one more time.

Dear Followers,

I feel bad about this, but I just realized that if you got yesterday’s blog post in your email, you probably didn’t know that there was a video!

Here is an active link for you.

The Kickstarter is at 80% now, but remember that we get absolutely nothing if we don’t reach 100% by this Sunday!

Please share the word with your friends!  We really need all the help we can get.  Thank you.


Names for Track 4 & 10

Howdy everyone.  First order of business: KICKSTARTER.  We’re currently not on pace to meet our goal, which is scary… Have you told your friends about this yet??  If we don’t reach 100%, this whole thing might die… which is sad, but the truth 😦   Please share if you want this to happen! http://kck.st/13nLhm5

Anyhow, we still want to show off some new developments.  Most importantly is Track 4.  We’ve added a harmonica part, beefed up the guitars, and made some changes here and there.  It’s finally ready for a name.

Track 4 shall henceforth be known as Revelations. Now, I know I’ve been making quite a few biblical references with song names, but I think it goes well…

Here is the latest version of the song:

As for Track 10, we haven’t made many updates…  I’ve added a new chord progression to go in the slower part, but it isn’t recorded yet. Nevertheless, I thought of the perfect name for the final track of our album.

The song will be about Abram and his son going off to conquer mankind in their own names (they’ve forsaken God at this point.) Therefore the song shall be called Kings.

It’s short and simple, but powerful.  I like it.

And work continues…

Throwing a Kickstarter is pretty intense, and is keeping us all very busy.  Working on content has almost come to a standstill, but we’re still moving!

We gotta maintain the momentum so we can get right back into the swing of things once we’re funded. (No ifs about it!)

Anyhow, Track 2 has been neglected for quite a while so I sat down to write some more lyrics.  I’m still working out some kinks in the middle, but I think we have an ending that I’m happy with.

Unfortunately, we’re back to draft quality recordings and my amateur vocals, so bear with me here.  Have a listen:

Here are the lyrics, which are supposed to be sung by Abram:

Hell, I’d do anything that the lord asks me to do
Forgive me for my doubts, your voice truly is the voice of
God…damn, our salvation rests in my hands!
But I won’t let you down, I will swear that on my wife’s grave.

As you may recall, this is the song where Abram is tricked by the Devil into believing that he’s actually Jesus.

Maaannnn, Abram can be so dumb sometimes.

The Binding

We’re ready to release the final track of our demo, and we’re pretty excited.  The Binding is probably the prettiest song you’ve ever heard about someone killing their spouse in their sleep…

Anyhow, have a listen to the lyric video below!

We still need lots of love on the Kickstarter campaign.  If you want to see this album completed, please contribute and share the word!  We’ll love you for it.


Kickstarter Update: Week 1

Greetings, dear readers.

If you’re fascinated by statistics, then you’ll enjoy this post.  They’ve been driving me crazy though…

First off, we had a great start!  We achieved 10% funding within 36 hours, and made the Staff Picks list before the first day was over.  That’s awesome!

Shortly after launching the Kickstarter, I discovered Kicktraq.com, a site that collects great data on almost all of the ongoing campaigns and generates some neat graphics.

The news isn’t super great, unfortunately.  Take a look at our performance after the second day:

Yeah…I suppose it could be a bit better…

But that’s ok! We’ve gotten some great exposure and mentions from Metal Underground, The Monolith, and A Metal State of Mind.  Very cool stuff, and I don’t think things could be more positive!  Thank you all for the support so far!

That said, we still do need help here.  At only 18%, we’ll never make our goal if we don’t step things up!  I think you’re all doing your part though, so just keep it up.  If you’re able to share a link on some social networks, then all the better!

Here’s a short link for you: http://kck.st/13nLhm5

Tweet that to your gamgam.