There’s always room for Cello

It’s been a long time coming, but we finally got some sweet strings for The Binding.

Believe or not, I met this guy through Reddit, and it was a perfect find.  Everyone say hello to Justin from New York.

I asked Justin for a simple cello part that could provide some much needed low end.  We’ll have banjo in the mix real soon here, and with the guitar and voices, the track was just getting very top heavy.  Some nice cello work would really balance the whole thing out.

Additionally, a cello part would provide some continuity in the music.  Both the guitar and banjo are finger picked, making things just a bit choppy. Cello is slow and steady, smoothing things over.

I removed vocals so it’s just cello and guitar, but have a listen below.

I’ve only shared part of the song because there are some big decisions to make here. Patrick suggested that we completely remove vocals for the first chorus… I just might be sold on that idea.


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