Gang Vocals

One of the critical elements still missing from Judge, Jury, and Executioner was the gang vocals at the end.  These clearly aren’t very technically involved parts, but it does take some organizing to get a bunch of dudes together and on rhythm.

Get a case of beer though, and that’s pretty much all the motivation you need.  Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Townsmen.

clearly some of us were way into it…

We made sure everyone had headphones, learned the lyrics, and got into character.  There was some direction in terms of rhythm, tone, and accent, but for the most part it was basically just yelling.

“abram STONE!”

We did a few takes so we could double up the final product, and I think the results are pretty good.  Have a listen for yourself to the end of track 6 below.

Not bad!  You’ll also notice the fun I had panning the guitar chugs back and forth between left and right. Just need to work in the final vocals and banjo, which should be pretty soon here…


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