If there’s anything I love about a folk arrangement, it’s a good fiddle part.  Actually, I just love the strings in general.  Cello is my absolute favorite instrument, and it just figures that I have no idea how to play one. While I may try to learn someday, I’ll probably never try to play a violin…

But that’s why we have Carter on the project. Though I should mention that fiddle isn’t his native instrument. I’ve always known him as a guitar player, but he’s recently been taking lessons via Skype, and he’s certainly becoming a solid violinist. He’s even teaching workshops on it now!

“and this is how you transition into a brutal breakdown in 5/8”

He recently recorded something for Judge, Jury, and Executioner, and I am very pleasantly surprised.  What he wrote was above and beyond what I had imagined for the fiddle part.  The quiet breakdown part has now become a highlight for me.  Here it is, with vocals removed so you can hear the instrumentation.

All we’re missing now is banjo and vocals from Dan, the Town Mayor! Oh right, we also need some gang vocals at the end of the song as well.  I guess I should buy a case of beer and get the guys to come over sometime soon…


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