Future Plans for “The Binding”

Track 3, The Binding, has the potential to be a beautiful song, but it could be real easy to overload it with a ton of layers and effects.  I’d prefer to keep it simple and natural, but it’s hard to plan without having all the pieces together yet.

The other week I mentioned that we wrote some harmonies for the angels on this song. The vocal parts are very pretty, and will go behind the lead vocals of both verses.  Have a listen below.

Very nice, but is it too much?  Let’s think about the layers we’ll be working with.

  1. Rhythm Acoustic Guitar
  2. Banjo
  3. Male Lead Vocals
  4. Female Lead Vocals
  5. Angel Harmonies
  6. Lead Acoustic Guitar
  7. Cello?
  8. Violin?!

That’s a lot going on for such a simple song! For right now, we’ll keep adding the layers in as they arrive, but when it comes to mixing, we might have to do some selective editing.

You’ll also notice that I anticipate a potential cello part.  Yes, I believe I just might have found a replacement cellistWhat happened to our first cellist, you ask?  Well, apparently she didn’t quite agree with the messages of the project.

Some people…


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