Poster Update

Dave has been busy at work lately, and provided a photo of his work in progress.  As you can see, he’s moved onto the final pen version, and it’s looking pretty damned awesome.


almost done with the inking!

We discussed a few changes from the rough draft that I want to point out to you.  Firstly, the previous version was too Old West.  In this new design, the setting is a grassy Appalachian field, with trees and mountains off in the distance.

I also mentioned that Abram is a fan of his whiskey. You’ll notice a jug lying on the ground in front of a dark shed that could perhaps hide a whiskey still.  Instead of the sun as a halo behind Abram, we decided to make this the moon (hence moonshine.)

Of particular ominousness is the crowd behind Abram, calmly watching the execution by banjo (whether by force or by curiosity, we don’t know.)

The pile of bricks (remember, Abram is a mason by trade) is absolutely perfect.  It’s going to have great dimension once this is colored.

We’re thinking that three colors (including black) should do the trick, but Dave has a few tricks up his sleeve.  Not only will the poster background provide an additional color, but Dave can also apply a gradient to the layer of colors.  We’re gonna have a solid work of art here. Very exciting indeed!


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