Completing Track 7 Lyrics

Alright, Track 7 has been in need of some serious attention for a while now. The entire second half of the song didn’t even have any lyrics!  It has taken a while, but I think I finally have some lines I’m happy with.

Bear with me though, the lyrics I’ve settled on are a bit absurd. I wrestled with this for a while… Should we be serious, or just embrace the ridiculousness of fighting off a violent horde with just a banjo?

In the end, I found it much more natural to go for the latter.

Before we go over the lyrics, however, I’d like to announce that this song now has an official name. There is a great apocalyptic battle that is described in the Dead Sea Scrolls between the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness. It’s your classic good vs. evil, angels vs. demons sort of thing…

Anyhow, because Track 7 is about such an epic battle, it will henceforth be referred to as Sons of Darkness.

Alright, here is the second half of the song.  Lyrics are posted below.  (You must excuse my terrible attempt at screaming!  Remember, these are just placeholders.)

Blood for blood!
And so it shall flow!
Give unto the lord,
Unsheathe thy banjo!

Each note that he plucks brings a whirlwind of death,
harken to ragtime doom!
it’s perfect, it’s sacred, divine…

One (whispered)




ONE HUNDRED MURDERS! (gang vocals)

The lyrics aren’t really sung by any character in particular.  It’s really coming from the voice of bad influence: either Satan or his demons.

I can’t wait to find someone else to sing this though… the scream at 0:50 kinda reminds me of Kevin from Home Alone.


tell me i’m wrong


4 thoughts on “Completing Track 7 Lyrics

  1. Kate Lindsay says:

    I just laughed out loud

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. dethanie says:

    are you on sound cloud or reverbnation? I am curious to see what ‘blackgrass’ sounds like

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