Another Session with the Angels

Good day, I hope your weekend was as productive as mine.

I met with Lindsey and Amanda to write some more vocal harmonies and, as always, we had a blast working together.  I sincerely wish I could work with all of our musicians more in person!  Being creative and thoughtful about writing the music is a ton of fun.


not your typical studio…

So, we had a few items on the agenda.  The big one was working with The Binding (Track 3) although I haven’t had time to integrate the recorded parts into the song just yet.  We decided to go with the harmony ideas that Nicole had provided, so just imagine that until I post the update.

I also had it in my head that Track 9 should have some eerie harmonies here and there.  One such case would be right after the first chorus.  I know we don’t have lyrics written just yet (working on it) but these harmonies should go pretty well.  Have a listen to what we came up with.

Not bad!  I think the song could probably use a a few parts like this, but I suppose we’ll revisit it once we have some lyrics written…


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