Poster Sketch

So Dave took some time to get up to speed on the project, which must be pretty nuts for a newcomer.  Every once in a while I’m reminded of just how absurd this whole thing is. Lucky for us, he says he’s into it.

Anyhow, he sent a draft of a concept he’s thinking of, and it’s pretty damn powerful.  Take a gander for yourself.

this is going to be good...

this is going to be good…

I must say, this is a rather dark depiction…and it’s amazing.  I wanted something grim and powerful, but not necessarily gruesome or gory.  Dave’s concept of a public execution by banjo is absolutely brilliant.

We did discuss the finer details a bit.  For one, it has a bit of an Old West feel instead of Appalachia.  Easy fix though!

Another detail was the chopping block.  In this image we have a stump that is quite similar to our logo design.  While I do like the congruency, I really want the logo to stand on it’s own. The original Henry Joseph Heike (after whom this story is inspired) was a stone mason, so Dave and I discussed having a stack of bricks instead of a stump.

Exciting stuff. Can’t wait to see him polish this one!


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