More Demo Drums for Track 4

Jake just dropped another on us, and I must say it’s quite pleasing.  Instead of just mixing the new drums in, however, I decided to spend a good amount of time re-capturing the guitars.

This entailed tweaking the amp sound a bit, better syncing with the drum tracks, and just cleaning up overall.  I also did some post production as well to add some effects.

The results make me happy inside, have a listen!

I played with the levels in the very beginning to give the guitar a thin sound.  This makes things a bit more dramatic when everything else comes in at 0:14.

The part that follows is exactly how I imagined, and I’m loving it. The drum lick at 0:35 makes me grin every time…

The light-hearted folky part that makes up the middle of the song is currently pretty dull.  However, once vocals, banjo and mandolin get in there, I think it will be rather fun.

At 2:28, things get intense again. I pulled the guitar track into the middle and removed the bass, then explode back out into stereo at 2:35.  This ending is gonna be killer when we get vocals in the mix again… can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “More Demo Drums for Track 4

  1. Sounding great! That outro is awesome!! And great job with the tweaks, they work great!

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