Final Post of 2012

Dear friends,

I’m off to spend the holidays in my midwestern homeland!  Good things are happening all over though, and if this continues I think I’ll have some important news to announce next year!  Stay tuned, and enjoy the holidays!

Oh yeah…this German guy also wants to write a solo for us. NICE.


More Demo Drums for Track 4

Jake just dropped another on us, and I must say it’s quite pleasing.  Instead of just mixing the new drums in, however, I decided to spend a good amount of time re-capturing the guitars.

This entailed tweaking the amp sound a bit, better syncing with the drum tracks, and just cleaning up overall.  I also did some post production as well to add some effects.

The results make me happy inside, have a listen!

I played with the levels in the very beginning to give the guitar a thin sound.  This makes things a bit more dramatic when everything else comes in at 0:14.

The part that follows is exactly how I imagined, and I’m loving it. The drum lick at 0:35 makes me grin every time…

The light-hearted folky part that makes up the middle of the song is currently pretty dull.  However, once vocals, banjo and mandolin get in there, I think it will be rather fun.

At 2:28, things get intense again. I pulled the guitar track into the middle and removed the bass, then explode back out into stereo at 2:35.  This ending is gonna be killer when we get vocals in the mix again… can’t wait!


My word.  I think I know what this project needs… more FIDDLE.

Carter (playing the guitar on the left) dropped some killer fiddle work onto track 7, and the results are impressive.

apparently this happens in alaska ALL THE TIME

apparently in Alaska, this sorta thing happens ALL THE TIME

The layer that the fiddle adds is great, and the sound is getting more and more authentic.  Will we fully nail bluegrass?  Well, probably not.  Carter and I had a good discussion about this, and it’s important to both of us that we strive for that bluegrass sound.  But, at the end of the day, we just want to create music that is our own.  Whatever that is, we’ll be proud of it.

Anyhow, here is the latest draft of track 7 with Carter’s fiddle.  It’s sounding real good… (keep in mind that we still need lyrics for the second half of the song!)

I guess part of me still thinks that the fiddle part would be ever-so-slightly cooler if it were played on this violin…

and yes, it’s electric

Demo Quality Drums?

Jake has dropped off another drum track, and it’s pretty fantastic.  Instead of ranting, I’m going to show you this right away. Here’s a side by side comparison of the before and after.

The difference? More and better microphones.  It makes a huge impact!  Notice how much crisper and cleaner the second version sounds?  This is why the final version absolutely has to be done in a studio. But for now, I think we can call this demo quality.

What does this mean?  It means that these drums are good enough to put towards a public demonstration of our stuff. From here, we can polish the guitars, vocals, and overall production. Exciting stuff!

For your enjoyment, here is the full version of the song with the new drums.