Track 7 graduates from MIDI

I know everyone loves MIDI drums, but sometimes… well, sometimes it’s just better when you know that there’s a real person at the end of those sticks.

I remember seeing Genghis Tron live a few years back, and don’t get me wrong- those guys are awesome.

But, man… without an actual drummer on stage, the show just lacked something. See for yourself…

Some bands are just better in the studio…

Anyhow, Jake and I had a good conversation about the drums for track 7, and it just so happens that he was able to borrow some nicer equipment for recording.  The result is our best sounding drum track yet!

Before I go on any further, here’s the sound file.

You’ll notice I put the angels back into the beginning to see how it sounds with my draft vocals.  Not a bad combination actually!  We’ll see if Patrick decides to take the same melody though.

It’s amazing what a difference well-recorded drums can make.  And this was still done in his basement!  I’m excited to think about how this might sound if done in a proper studio… maybe someday.

I think you can still hear how empty everything is.  We need to get some more instruments in there, asap.


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