Scratch vocals for Track 2

Track 2 has some good vocal potential, but it’s also a critical lyrical part of the album.  It’s the first track with lyrics, and it has to set the stage (in terms of plot) for the rest of the album.

Picture, if you can, our main character Abram playing banjo by the fire.  He’s singing to himself, and contemplating his desire for more in his life.  He prays to God, but gets a reply from someone else

“you got this one, Jesus?”           “nah man, it’s all you!”

Yes, this is where Satan (appearing as Jesus) steps in, and explains how Abram must kill his wife before she births the antichrist. Bummer.

I had some good fun writing the devil’s lyrics.  First off, I just had to put “fuck” in there somewhere.  The idea of “Jesus” appearing to Abram and dropping an f-bomb was just too entertaining to ignore!  Secondly, I had to think of how Satan would refer to himself.  Lucifer? The Dark Prince? Nah, I decided that he would probably go with something more prestigious, hence The Morning Star.

I finished half of the lyrics, and used my unpolished voice as a demonstration of how they might be sung.  As usual, I want to reiterate that I will not be the final vocalist!  This is just a rough draft.

Here are the lyrics so far.
Abram is in black, and Jesus (played by Satan) is in red.

By the fire, a cup of whiskey, and a banjo on my knee
oh this is all any man should need
but there’s an emptiness, a longing in my heart
and I’ve been spending all my time praying
for a new day a new life
cause what I’m given never seems to suffice

Wait and see? why must i wait and see?
Oh father up above answer me!

OH my son!
I’ve heard your prayers
And I’ve come to help you out!

Now you must listen
To your messiah
To the one true Jesus Christ!

It’s gonna be a long ride!
And though you’ll make it out alive
it breaks my fucking heart

to have to tell you
that I
cannot say the same
for your
beloved wife!

In her womb
dwells the son
of the Morning Star!

There are a couple lines after this, but I have to fit them in better… They are sung by Abram:

You ask too much of me!


I know my name.

Let me know what you think so far!


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