Jake & I Discuss Drums

Writing music with people all over the country has been less than ideal.  Through the marvels of modern technology, however, we are afforded at least some kind of facetime as a band.  The other night, Jake and I had a Skype date to discuss the drum parts for track 4, 6, and 7.

skype is better drunk. not relevant to this post… but i’m just sayin

As you can see, I had a guitar in hand and we both had the music files.  However, most of our communication was done via shitty beatboxing, and humming guitar parts.  As the bassist and drummer of our former band, Jake and I have a good musical connection and can communicate very well.

“It’s right at the, you know… DUN DUN DUUNNNNNN tss tss TING diga diga PSSSHHHH… part”

Anyhow, there were some key parts of tracks 4 and 6 that needed some updating.  Nothing too major, but Jake and I needed to get on the same page.  With his rough drafts done, it was pretty easy to identify very specific tweaks.  Overall, it was a pretty efficient process!

We’re both pretty excited to hear the next versions of these songs.


One thought on “Jake & I Discuss Drums

  1. Mary Greenwood says:

    MY BOYS!

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