Return of the Angels

I may not have lyrics for track 2 yet, but I am pretty damn pleased with the vocal parts that Amanda, Lindsey, and I just wrote.

We got together just like last time: notepads, instruments, and drinks at the ready.

writing melodies, indian style.

There are a couple of breaks in track 2, and for the second one (right after the “chorus”) I wanted some oohs and ahhs.  I knew the melody that I wanted to sing, but we were going for 3 part harmony here. (Last time we met, we only had 2 parts to tackle…)

We also decided that making discrete “whoa-oh-ohs” would be pretty sweet too.  The interplay of vocals is subtle, but fun when you pay attention!

i have no idea what i’m doing…

Again, it took about two hours to write and record parts that we were happy with, and I think we did pretty well. While we had a decent mix after recording, I still spent an hour or two last evening editing and mixing the levels until I was content with sharing the file.

You might also notice that I put my voice in the middle, Lindsey in the right ear, and Amanda in the left.

Anyhow, the 24 second clip below represents about 10 person-hours of work, so enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Return of the Angels

  1. Amanda says:

    Pretty excited about this little ditty. It’s stuck in my head.

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