A first draft of Track 1: The Intro

The first track of any album is extremely important, and it’s obvious why.  It sets the mood and tone for the entire album, and is the first impression with any new listener. No pressure here…

I know plenty of good albums that tear off screaming right from the get go.  I gotta say, however, that when I press play for the first time and hear an intense or pensive instrumental track, it let’s me know that this album is gonna be good.

I can still remember putting Converge’s You Fail Me into my CD player for the first time and hearing this:

Track 2 starts after 1 minute… and the feeling was amazing going into tracks 3, 4 and beyond…

Anyhow, there were a couple different directions I could take our intro.

1.) Opening overture.  This would be like the overture of a stage production, where they play through pieces of every song as one continuous number.  This would be cool, and a real challenge, but it’s a bit cheesy and ultimately pointless.

2.) Full song.  I could write a full on musical track to embody blackgrass, and let the listener know what they’re in store for.  Not a bad option, but it doesn’t fit the beginning feel, which should be “everything is A-OK.”

3.) Short, simple, sweet. This is the direction I chose.  I want the intro to be basic, but still let people know that we’re serious (well, at least musically.)

Have a listen.

I made it sound campy at first, to give the feeling of blissful ignorance.  I then made it a bit more serious at 0:24, and this is where the banjo, fiddle and other instruments should come in.  I want the full sound to be beautiful, and almost overwhelming!

Patrick tells me I should make it bit darker at the ending, and I like the idea… not yet sure how to achieve it, however.  One thing is certain, though: I need a cellist to replace those MIDI strings!


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