Abram’s wife joins the party

These are exciting times indeed!  Nicole (who plays Abram’s wife) just got back to me and shared a couple of rough cuts! She spent some time with track 3, provided some ideas for harmonies, and took a first crack at singing the melody. Have a listen below.

I like where she is going with the harmonies, and I think they will be a nice highlight here and there in the song. However, until we have banjo and perhaps some other strings in the mix, I’m not sure the harmonies will fit.  I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see!

Nicole and I have already discussed the melody for the lyrics as well.  (“I don’t know what you mean dear, but you’re clearly drunk” in the first verse…)

In this draft, she mimicked my original version (where I pretended to be a girl.) We have all agreed, however, that she should instead explore her own interpretation of the melodies, and also bring the range down a bit more.

I think having each artist comfortable with their parts, and owning them is extremely important.  The expressions will be much more genuine and the quality that much better!


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