Vocals from Brooklyn

Pat and his brother Dan are just starting to learn their characters.  They both have some acting experience, so they’re no strangers to taking on a new role and developing it.  I’m excited to see where they take this!

pat and dan tuning up to jam

Anyhow, they did a draft recording on what appears to be a tin can, but it’s still pretty cool!  I can tell that they had a good time recording it.  Wish I could’ve been there!

The parts definitely need to be tuned up here and there, but they have a great dynamic on this track.  I’m so glad to have them on board!  Now, they just need to get a better recording apparatus…

Anyhow, I’ve sent some feedback their way, and hopefully we’ll be able to iterate this sometime soon.  Meanwhile, I should probably work on the rest of the lyrics for this song. For some reason, the phrase UNSHEATHE THY BANJO! is floating around in my head, let’s see what I can do…


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