Lyrics for Half of Track 7

I took some time over the weekend to think about what should be said in Track 7.  I have to admit some inefficiencies, however, as I was only able to tackle the first half of the song!

Right now, it starts with Abram singing to himself.  His condition is worsening, as he has just murdered his family yet still does not feel satisfied.

…their grave marked with stone

Luckily for Abram, the lynch mob is on their way to his property to try to seek justice.  This inspired me to write two parts for the vocals, going between Abram and the mob leader.  At one point, they both sing harmonizing parts.  You’ll hear this in my version below, but it will be much better when Patrick and Dan take over the vocals!

The version I recorded is a little funny… I was trying to record these vocals late at night, and when you live in an apartment building, you don’t really want to annoy your neighbors.  Therefore, the vocals are done with very little volume, and my voice sounds kinda weird at times.

Just roll with it.

Also, you’ll notice that I took the angels out, just so I could focus on the the intro.  Don’t worry, I’ll put them back in later!

Press play, and read the lyrics below.

BLUE is Abram, RED is the Lynch Mob Leader, Black is together

i sure do hope my work impresses
whoever is watching up above
but either way i see no reason
to end my crusade
when i’ve just begun

my children buried, their grave marked with stone
who might be next, well i’m just dying to know
what’s this? i think someone is outside
maybe they want to be next in line

abram stone!
we’ve surrounded your home
we have your axe in possession and know you’re alone

come out and join us, we mean you no harm
we have a few things we’d like to discuss

you all must take me for a simpleton
that is quite the length of rope for a friendly discussion
i’ll have you know that i have god on my side
and i’m warning you, i’ll win this fight

the end is nigh
you must answer for your crimes (FOR YOUR LACK OF FAITH)
when you die
we won’t pray that your soul be saved
the end is NIGH!

So far the lyrics are pretty literal… I don’t spend much time elaborating on elements such as setting and emotion, but I am trying to tell a story in only a few songs!  Am I taking the right approach?  I suppose we’ll see…


4 thoughts on “Lyrics for Half of Track 7

  1. I like the literal approach, it seems to fit the nature of the album quite well. Next stop, Blood and Banjos on Broadway!

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