Track 2 gets a serious upgrade

I bet you had almost forgotten about track 2.  Not me.  It had some serious potential, but if you recall, it was only half a song!  This was the previous state of affairs, from 4 months ago.

Pretty rough… but the drastic contrast between the genres will certainly be useful in telling the story.  (Remember this song is when Abram learns the horrible truth.)

When we first discussed this song, I mentioned that I wanted another bluegrassy section in the beginning.  To do this, I used a very similar chord progression to the ending, but I gave it a more minor tonality.

I also put in some finger picking here and there to make the song a bit more dynamic.  This will allow me to dramatize some key lyrics, and provide the opportunity for some interesting vocal highlights.

Have a listen below, and I’ll keep discussing…

Because this song will be the first time we go from bluegrass to metal on the album, I decided to make the transition at 1:22 very gradual.  This will also likely be the first time “Jesus/Satan” sings on the album! (If you’re new to the story, read up)

not relevant to the story…but still awesome

Anyhow, the gradual transition is currently not mixed well at all, so I’ll have to work that out.  The transition back to bluegrass at 3:20 is also a bit rough.  I’m thinking we’ll get the banjo going for a few lead-in notes, and that should smooth it over.

Personally, 2:30 might be my favorite part so far.  It’s fun to play too! I wonder if I’ll ever get any live shows out of this…


2 thoughts on “Track 2 gets a serious upgrade

  1. As I keep hearing the songs near their final form, I am honestly really excited to hear the finished product.

    I like the gradual lead into the metal and the riffing you got going on as well as the progressions. The minors sound great and add a lot more body to the song.

    Have you thought about how you’re going to promo/distribute the record when it’s completed.

    • blood and banjos says:

      thanks man! i have put some thought into it… i really want this to sound nice in the end, so i might have to do a kickstarter to raise some money so we can go to the studio. then i’ll use bandcamp and perhaps cdbaby to distribute! don’t want to get too far ahead of myself though, still lots of work to do!

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