Let’s spice up Track 7’s intro

As I mentioned earlier, Amanda, Lindsey and I got together to work on the introduction to Track 7.  It is currently pretty barren, and even with lead vocals it would be lacking.  We need to add some layers here, folks.

Now, they say alcohol is bad for your voice…but what they don’t consider is that meeting up and singing together in small room is kinda awkward. Hence the cocktail, the iPad keyboard, the notebook, and the guitar. This is really all you need to write a song…

i think that’s gin and lemonade. it’s good for the uvula.

We didn’t necessarily go into this cold, though.  A few days ago, I sent this track to Amanda so she could hear the melody I’m thinking of for the lead part.  Because I haven’t written lyrics yet, I just mumble some nonsense.  Silly…but it works.

You might also catch some sweet MIDI cello in there to fortify the root notes… don’t worry, that will be taken out.

So then, we spent a couple of hours writing a two-part harmony for what I’m calling the angels.  You might wonder why this took 2 hours, but picking the right notes and transition times and then harmoniously meshing it all together takes much thought!  Not to mention trial and error…

Ultimately, it was a blast working together, and I think Lindsey and Amanda totally nailed this intro.  I’m lucky to have them on board! Check it out below.

The sad part is that once we layer the lead vocals on top of this (and possibly percussion) the subtle beauty and nuances will be that much harder to pick out.  Oh well, at least we’ll have this file as a reminder!


2 thoughts on “Let’s spice up Track 7’s intro

  1. That is damn cool! Really eerie stuff. Maybe, if possible another 5-10 seconds would be nice. It flows into the main really nice. Great work!

    • blood and banjos says:

      thanks dude! i’m not sure if it works longer in this song… however, i’m going to make sure to involve these ladies more often if i can!

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