Adding to Track 3

I’ve come to realize that I’ve made quite a few musician friends throughout my life.  Guitar seems to be the most common instrument and, appropriately, is the weapon of choice of my former college roommate, Andy.

Andy and I used to jam all the time back in college, until our RA would shut us down almost nightly.  In fact, Andy would even take the stage for a song or two when my band played live shows back in the day.

Andy (left) and I rockin out at a live show

Anyhow, I told him about the project, and he said he’d be interested in laying down a track or two.  Track 3 definitely needed something, so I suggested that he try it out. Lucky for us, he just delivered, and so here it is!

This fives us a great idea of how this part could sound.  Of course we’ll have to iterate, but we might have to wait until we get banjo and full vocals in there first.  That way we have a better idea of what the final composition will sound like before making tweaks.


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