Track 10: Arriving in Multiple Shipments

The final track of an album is often the song I look forward to most when I buy a new CD.

As such, Track 10 has some pretty big expectations to meet.  It has to be epic, moving, and it has to close things off in a satisfying manner.

I’ve also set my own goals of making sure this song has some very clear black metal influence.  I intend to add some slower, more dissonant, and darker chords in there to really set the tone.

If you remember from an earlier post, this is all we had before.

I’d say it’s definitely lacking the black metal department and needs some work. I’ve been spending some time trying to improve upon this, and recently recorded myself jamming out to some ideas.  Have a listen below and let me know if I’m getting closer!

Clearly I need to iron out the details and polish my playing, but we’re getting somewhere.

I’ve also written what I think might be a good ending.  I drew it out extra long because I wanted to give the other musicians a chance to jam to it with various instruments.  I took the first turn myself and tried some vocals, and plucked a ukulele towards the end.

I ran this idea past Jake, and we discussed the possibility of having each instrument play a few bars at a time.  Sort of like the curtain call at the end of a show… Patrick’s idea was to have it start with only a banjo, and build it one instrument at a time over several minutes.

Anyhow, here is the draft.

I think we have some potential for great vocals and instrumentation here.  Now, we have a beginning, middle, and end. I just need to connect the dots!  Piece of cake right?  I guess we’ll see…


One thought on “Track 10: Arriving in Multiple Shipments

  1. Track 10 Middle: that dissonance riffing at ~1:05 is very black metal. One thing that really stands out to me in black metal is the drumming and those chaotic blast beats on the snare. I’m sure once you start adding drums you will really start adding that black metal sound you’re looking for.

    Ir really dig the curtain call idea!

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