Trouble with Track 7

I’ve been a bit quiet this week, but the music wheels are always spinning in the background.  I’ve been wanting to update Track 7 for a while now, but I was having a hard time smoothing over a few transitions.

Specifically, the latter part of the song changes tempo a couple of times, and I had a hard time nailing down what it should sound like.  You can hear below that the transition at 0:07 is a bit awkward, and the transition at 0:31 is just not good at all.

I fooled around with some options, and also consulted Jake.  As the rhythm section in our last band, Jake and I have a great connection when it comes to tempos and technicalities.  We passed a few ideas back and forth and settled on the following version.

You’ll notice the transition at 0:07 is almost identical, except that I let the guitars ring through the drum roll.  Jake said he could definitely work with that on the drums, so we kept it.

The transition at 0:31 is very different, and sounds 100% better in my opinion.  The bell hit really makes it for me!

Anyhow, once I settled on this, I was ready to record the full draft. Have a listen below.  The beginning is pretty boring right now, but I have some great ideas for the vocals. You’ll just have to use your imagination!

Oh, and as always, please forgive the shitty placeholder MIDI drums.

The part starting at 0:40 is going to be great once we get some banjo and fiddle in there.  I can’t wait.

The part at 2:08 will lead into some epic vocals, or perhaps a guitar solo…? I haven’t decided yet. You’ll also notice that from this point on in the song, I’m playing an actual bass guitar (instead of MIDI.)  It’s heavily distorted, but I’m liking fullness it gives to the track.

I’m not really sure what I was doing at 3:24… it’s almost reminiscent of sci-fi metal (yes, that’s a thing) but I really just needed something in there to fill that buildup.

As always, feedback is encouraged!


2 thoughts on “Trouble with Track 7

  1. Take 2 is much better! Sounding good so far. I think that the transition from the acoustic to the electric at ~2:10 could use some tightening up, but probably with the vocals it will all fall into place.

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