Some Material for Track 8

If I’ve been neglecting one thing thus far, it’s the instrumentals on this album.  (Truth is, I’m neglecting a whole lot more than that, but that’s not the point.)

Usually, an instrumental track will go one of two ways:

  • simple, repetitive, short
  • epic, more-complex (yet still repetitive), long

Here’s an example of the first kind from my favorite nintendo-core outfit, Horse the Band.

And here is an example of a more complex instrumental from the bluegrass(ish) band Nickel Creek.

I could share many more epic instrumentals by metal bands, but I feel they really lose their meaning when you listen to them out of context.  (Yes, I’m an entire-album-at-a-time purist. Don’t hate.)

I think since we’ll have 3 instrumentals on the album, I’d like to have at least one of each flavor.  Covering as many bases as possible seems to be a recurring theme here…

Anyhow, I was messing around with some guitar effects and happened to like this progression quite a bit.  I decided to record it, and now I’m thinking that it might make a good instrumental for track 8.  Have a listen below.

2 minutes might be a bit long, especially for something this repetitive and simple…but I was enjoying myself. It could benefit from some other instrumentation as well, but as I’ve said before, it’s just good to have a starting point!

I suppose this means that track 5 is going to be an instrumental of the more “epic” variety.  Jake plays a mean piano, so maybe he would be able to write something for us there. I’ll run the idea past him


2 thoughts on “Some Material for Track 8

  1. onefittwofit says:

    Hey this is really nice. Very dreamy. Maybe some lilting fiddle in a few places? Or not — it sounds lovely as is, too.

  2. Actually, I quite like this bit. 2 minutes is just fine, could even be a bit longer if you layered something in there near the back end.

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