Track 9, Coming In

We’re moving right along with tracks 4 and 6, but there’s always those other 8 songs I have to worry about…

I had a couple of ideas for track 9, and just recorded what I’ll call the first draft.  To recap, this song is about Abram returning to his property to find his wife back from the dead.  Not only is she alive, but she has given birth to the very child Abram was tasked with destroying.

I imagine she might look something like this… (Evil Dead)

The song will be about Abram’s wife trying to convince him to raise the child. She almost succeeds before Abram offs her one more time, breaking his banjo in the process.

His task is nearly complete, and all he has to do is kill the child…but he gives in, and decides that he just can’t do it. This, of course, plays perfectly into the song as you will soon hear.

Press play, and I’ll talk you through it!

Ok, the first minute is purely intro.  But it’s pleasant enough… I might even consider playing this on a classical guitar.  I know, I know: not bluegrass…but in the end, this is all music, and that’s all that matters!

The next few minutes of the song might come across as pretty boring without vocals or other instrumentation.  Maybe you can imagine some good melodies in your head though!  Lots of room for creativity here, and we will definitely make this a male/female duet, so expect good things!

If you’re looking for a little excitement, skip to 3:30 or so.  This is where Abram realizes he’s being tempted by his possessed wife, and we have a build up chord progression.  At 3:52 we start to introduce electric guitars, and at 4:10 the build up erupts!

It’s pretty lame right now with the MIDI drums, but this part should be pretty powerful in the final cut.  Also, just call me Sloppy McSlopperson on the guitar here, definitely need to tune my chops.

Finally, at 4:49 we go into this awesome soft fingerpicking part.  You can imagine Abram holding the infant in his hands, looking it in the eyes, and then completely breaking down.

Yes…I did bring in some synth strings for the end, but whatever, sometimes I just can’t help myself.


3 thoughts on “Track 9, Coming In

  1. Eric P says:

    Dude. This RULES.

  2. Just simply WOW!!! Awesome work on this one! I’m loving everything that you got going on so far on this track.

    If I do have one suggestion, maybe make the metal part a tad bit longer, maybe a handful of bars of some riffing, a solo, or a really hooky lead. And maybe when you start adding vocals, for the part after the intro, soft voices, to cover up that great progression too much would be a sin 😉

    And I wouldn’t worry if this doesn’t turn out pure bluegrass or kvlt black metal, you got a great thing going, so just flow with what sounds good to you. And again, it’s always fun and interesting to read your posts.

    • blood and banjos says:

      haha, i’m a bit overwhelmed by your support! thank you so much! i always appreciate your comments and feedback.

      i agree with your thoughts about the metal part…it definitely needs something, and i think a sweet lead part would really help. i’ll see what i can get for that…

      the “genre-purity” issue is definitely on my mind. i think as long as i’m honest with myself and everyone else about what we’re creating, then there’s no harm done. saying “this is kvlt” or “this is definitely bluegrass” might get me in trouble with the purists out there. instead, i’ll just say “this is music!”

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