So…black metal vocals are pretty tough

As promised, I took the weekend to attempt some vocals on Track 6.  This song is unique in that I’ll actually be singing in the final version of the song… I have a long way to go though.

I open with clean vocals, which don’t sound too bad, but I need to harness the black for a few lines in the song.  I completely failed though, so I had to rely on effects to portray what I’m going for.  We’ll see if I can improve upon this in later revisions, because the current approach is unacceptable!

Before I get too deep in analysis, have a listen for yourself. Full lyrics are in my previous post.

I’m not completely sold on my delivery of the lines starting at “What has he done with his poor family now...”  I might prefer more screaming for that part.

I do like how the vocals for “His axe, her body cleft” are coming across, though. Once we get another guitar track and some drums in there, the intensity will be great!

Dan’s part, which starts with “Grave indeed…” is going to be perfect for his voice.  I obviously have some trouble delivering the loud lines that follow, but I know he’ll just nail them.

The gang vocals at the end are almost embarrassing, but I’m just trying to get the idea across.  I layered two tracks of me pretending to yell, and it’s pretty pathetic.  We’ll have to get a half dozen guys in the studio to really deliver those lines when the time comes.  Should be fun!

group vocals with DQV… not sure what’s going on with drew’s hair!


4 thoughts on “So…black metal vocals are pretty tough

  1. Matt says:

    This song seems too schizophrenic, like you’re switching back and forth between a bluegrass song and a metal song instead of integrating the two styles. You should check out folk metal bands lots of them integrate folk themes and instruments into their (black) metal songs, some bands to check out would be Ensiferum, Turisas, Moonsorrow, Finntroll, etc.

    • blood and banjos says:


      First off, thank you for the comments! As strange as it sounds, it’s really awesome to get some criticism.

      A couple things. One, these bands that you listed do an excellent job of meshing folk and metal into one coherent sound. Folk metal really has it together! But that’s folk metal, and not necessarily what I’m going for. Instead, I’m looking to highlight the extreme differences between genres, and tell a story using that. (If I can hit pure folk and pure metal in a single song, that is a success for me.) This is about a guy losing his mind, and confusing evil with good. The schizophrenic nature of the song actually plays perfectly into this theme!

      That said, just because this song matches a theme, doesn’t mean that it’s good music! Your point is extremely valid, and if the song just comes across as completely disjointed, then all I’ve done is juxtaposed folk and metal into different parts of a song. That is not the goal I’m going for. While I do like to highlight the contrast, I’ll try to make sure it still meshes into a coherent song!

      Thanks again, and please check back later to let me know how I’m doing. I really appreciate it!

  2. I’ll have to agree with Matt on it sounding a bit schizophrenic, but, it’s still in draft form and I can see what you’re going for 😉

    I came across an album called Kentucky by a one man band called Panopticon. Pretty much Black Metal mixed with Bluegrass, but differently from how you seem to be coming along, so no fear ;). While he does blend some bluegrass elements wonderfully in with the metal by way of flute and what not there still seems to be that separation. It all still sound great. Along with the metal there are pure bluegrass songs on the record too and they flow with the metal soooo fucking well.

    I talked with the creator himself (trying to score a reviewer copy because the album is only available on vinyl at this time, how kvlt 🙂 ) and he told me to google search for an uploaded rip and to tell others to do the same. I recommend doing so, beyond being a great album (I’ll probably have a gushing review up of it on my site in some weeks), maybe you’ll get some inspiration out of it. (if you can’t find it let me know and I’ll pass you a copy)

    • blood and banjos says:

      i’ve actually been waiting for this album for some time now! panopticon released a track before that had some bluegrass elements (i’ve mentioned this before ). that and this kentucky track are really awesome, but the different parts of the song almost come across as distinct movements, sort of like godspeed you! black emperor. beautiful stuff though, I’ll definitely have to get the full album!

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