This is a big deal, folks.

We finally have actual drums to one of our rough drafts… and it is good.

Jake delivered us a whirlwind of percussion last week, and I’ve mixed it in so we can see how it’s all coming together.  From here, Jake can analyze how his part meshes with the guitars, and we can go back and forth discussing what we’d like in future versions.

Beyond Jake’s drums, however, I’ve also added another layer of electric guitars so we can have them in stereo by panning the tracks to the left and right.  This gives the track a much fuller sound as you can hear in the example below.

I also may have added the sound of a thunderstorm in the beginning… I’m toying with the idea of enriching the story with some ambient audio, but we’ll see.  You’ll have to let me know what you think…

Ok, have a listen to the rough draft with drums.  Keep in mind that this was done with a single microphone, which is never what you want to do with drums!  We’ll have to work on a better set up when we move past the rough draft phase.

Notice at 2:10 I mix electric and acoustic guitars on the different ears.

2:57 might be my favorite part so far though…


4 thoughts on “DRUMS

  1. jakemanson says:

    Diggin the drums, dude. When you get some more mics on that guy, it’s gonna be face-melting time.

  2. WOW! That makes a whole world of difference. You got yourself a homerun with the drummer.
    They really help with the trasition from heavy to mellow. I think that first transition sounds great as is, all abrupt like that and the drums segwey into it great and doesn’t make it sound jarring at all.
    Keep up the killer work dude! As always, it’s fun reading these posts and getting better than usual look at what goes on behind the scenes of making a record.

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