Second Iteration of Logos

A few things have been going on behind the scenes here. One of which is the establishment of an “art team.”

In order to provide meaningful feedback and foster productive conversation, I enlisted two new friends into the project: Kara and Lindsey! Both know more than I do about visual art, so we’ve been going back and forth with Eric regarding the direction of B&B artwork.

As an added bonus, Lindsey also has a great voice! I’m adding her to “the angels” group with Amanda, nice!

So then, Eric got back to us the other day with more sketches, and it might as well have been christmas. He took the logo concept we liked and ran with it, and I must say I’m delightfully impressed. Take a look and see for yourselves. (click the image for a zoomed view.)

this is some awesome progress

Here are a few snippets of the feedback floating around currently:


“…the lighting now is pretty uniform across the stump. If you added some dark shadowing near the edges and…”

“…very metal yet, americana. well done…”


“…it gets a little bit lost. Perhaps defining it more by filling it in around the edges…”

“…I think the placement of the axe blade in the trunk is crucial…”


“…4 and 5 have the ground incorporated, and that gives it a more tangible feel that i like…”

“…having the letters carved is more man-made and realistic. as if abram himself did this…”

What thoughts do you readers have about these designs? Let us know!

Bottom line here is that Eric is just awesome and fun to work with. I can’t wait to see the next iteration!


2 thoughts on “Second Iteration of Logos

  1. Eric P says:

    Thanks, Mike! It’s been a real pleasure to collaborate on the B&B logo: as with the music, its style is very much to my tastes. Thanks for featuring the sketches here!

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