So many ingredients…

I’m starting to realize how involved writing an entire album can be.  Lately, my thoughts have been consumed with themes, music, instrumentation, transitions, people…   and when I say consumed, I really mean it.  On the way to work, before I fall asleep, eating dinner…I’m thinking about how I’m going to put this thing together.

Musical parts are coming to me in bits and pieces, and melding them together is going to be a huge challenge.  Additionally, where do I put mandolin? What about banjo? Where will we have harmonies? Should it be 2 or 3 parts?!

Oh man… my head is spinning.


Another issue is my personal skill set.  Sure I can play guitar, but my chops are definitely not up to snuff for album quality recording. (Chops = how well you can play technical music parts on a given instrument).

I’m just a rhythm guitarist, so taking the lead is actually pretty new for me.  Take, for example, the opening riff to track 4.  I’ve been practicing that thing over and over and over again, and it’s still not perfect!  Should I ever get to the studio, I’m going to have to make sure it sounds better than this:

I think I’d be pretty hosed if I had any real deadlines…


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