Developing Track 6

I’ve made some good progress on Track 4 lately, but let’s not forget the other 9 songs on the album…

Track 6 had some good potential going, but we only had half a song. Completing the second half of the song was the focus of my weekend.

In the previous version we had an intro, a bluegrass verse, and a [blackish] metal part. The transition was pretty rough before, so at 0:27, I inserted some guitar feedback so we know to expect the electric guitars.

I also decided we needed to highlight some instrumentation somewhere, so I put in a musical break at 1:14. I’m thinking a mandolin solo would go well there!

I then brought in a bit of drama immediately following the musical break by doing some quiet finger picking.  Some harmonies or soft vocals will be great there!  I love the upright bass sound…

The ending breakdown is pretty boring in its current state, but I know exactly what I want to do with it.

This song is where the town learns of Abram’s crimes, and decides to act. As such, it will end with everyone chanting to the breakdown as it all fades off into the distance…

Now, it looks like I have more lyrics to write!


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