First Round of Logo Concepts

Howdy.  I’m in a good mood today because Eric delivered some early concept sketches for our future logo!

These are just representations of ideas that could be developed further.  Which one do you like?

these have promise

I told Eric that incorporating trees/branches might be a good direction, and he certainly explored some neat options.  I think I’d like to see some iterations on design #2 though, so I said let’s go for it!  (Actually to be honest, I’d put #2 on a shirt and wear it as is.)


Awesome… can’t wait to see how this develops.  Thanks Eric!


3 thoughts on “First Round of Logo Concepts

  1. Looking good. #2 is my favorite by far. I’d buy that shirt (and album) in a heart beat. I’m digging 1 and 6 too

  2. xohxvalentinex says:

    NUMBER 2!

  3. An Axe impaled into a bleeding Banjo lying in a circle of thorns

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