Writing Lyrics

Writing good lyrics probably comes natural to a few of us, such as John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Rebecca Black, etc.  But for people like me, not only does it take quite a bit of effort, but the mood also has to be just right.

I’m usually uninspired, or distracted, or every word I write down is immediately cliché.  I will admit that I do have my moments, but they are certainly few and far between.

my first draft…

Somehow over the weekend, though, I managed to get some words onto paper.  The bad news is: I also sang them for you, and now you are going to listen to it.

The best part is that I have no idea how the lyrics really should be sung (remember, I’m not Abram) so I’m all over the place searching for rhythms and melodies.  I even completely miss a few words! I could’ve re-recorded, but what is the fun in that?

last time i sang in a studio? 2007…

Nope, no re-recording. Instead, you get to hear all of my embarrassing mistakes, because this is part of the development of a song.  We try different meters and notes until we land on something that works.  And ultimately, Patrick (Abram’s voice) will take this and make it his own.  These vocals are just a placeholder, and only partly an example of how it might be sung.

Alright, enough blabber.  Here is the song, and the lyrics are immediately below.  I’ve managed to fit references to murder, moonshine, and demons all in one track, NICE!  Notice that bold text denotes screamed vocals.

This life
I’ve taken
One final look around
This jug
These hands
Are empty once again

Its time to take this fate bestowed upon me
To the next step
I know that Jesus would be proud
Or was it Satan?
I can’t recall-

What its like
to want to taste the rain or lean into the evening breeze
I know that all things must come to change
but, god damn, if I could see where life was taking me

But have I done what is right?
Dear God, I believe that I might!

I’ve accomplished this holy feat
Though somethings telling me that my job is still incomplete
Maybe this curse runs deep in her blood
I must prevent my sleeping children from waking up!

Oh Lord I know my next task
Your will, my hands, this axe
No demon will become of my young
No need to ask me, my savior, its done


Close your eyes
and go back to sleep
Ignore the cries of your brother he’s had a bad dream

I’ll be right there
I promise just wait your turn
I’ll send you both with your mother, together you’ll burn!


There’s something about this that seems so right
I can’t believe its taken me this long to see the light
I’ll find more demons to slaughter and trust me I can


So there you go.  I hope Abram comes across as crazy as he should… what do you think?


5 thoughts on “Writing Lyrics

  1. Amanda says:

    Awesome. You are the best at being brave. I can’t wait to see how this develops!

  2. The cleans fit in nice. The death growls work very well in the spots you use them in. Do you think you will work the traditional black metal raspy screams into the songs?

    • blood and banjos says:

      great question! the answer is “abso-fucking-lutely,” but the problem is that I simply cannot deliver black metal vocals! i don’t think i want Abram to have the raspy screams until later in the album either…maybe track 7 or 9 at the earliest. that way it sort of demonstrates his transformation.

  3. xohxvalentinex says:

    I like the bit about the brother having a bad dream.. Very creepy.

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