Back to Track 4

The last time we talked about Track 4, we had a pretty rough cut, and an incomplete song.  It started with metal, then went into bluegrass, then…well then it just stopped.  Here it is again… for science.

With some possible lyrics in mind, I have now completed what I think is the first draft of the complete song.

To recap, this song immediately follows the song where Abram kills his wife.  At this point, he really loses track of reality, and decides to murder his children as well.  It’s a timeless and classic story really…

Anyhow, the song goes back and forth between intense electric guitars and melodic bluegrass.  (I even tried to sneak in a metal riff at 1:39…I’ll have to mix that much better though). The ending sequence is heavy on the guitars, and climaxes with a barrage of repeated guitar chugs.

Because Abram thinks that the lord wants him to be doing these things, the lyrics “I AM GOD’S HAND” come to mind for the ending… I’ll see if I can work them in there.

It’s still pretty barren (and yes, rough), but that’s what you get with only one instrument.  I’m just a rhythm guitarist, so it won’t sound flashy until more tracks are layered onto it.

Let me know your thoughts, and I’ll try to write lyrics over the weekend.  Hell, I might even try to sing a draft! …let’s see if I can still scream.

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3 thoughts on “Back to Track 4

  1. Nice riff at 0:28! Can’t wait to hear drums and what not layered in.

    • blood and banjos says:

      thanks man… the drums are certainly going to make a huge difference. i’m going to make a few updates to this song first, then it might be ready for percussion!

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