We need a logo

When forming any kind of band, perhaps the most important discussion item is the band name.  It needs to be grabbing, unique, and it needs to reflect your style.  Will it have humor? Elegance? Will it be fearsome? Will it contain any English words at all?

These are all critical questions that usually result in shouting matches between band members.

Lucky for us, the band name was the first thing decided in this project. Thank god.  This is quite rare though, and is usually the product of some ridiculous, drunken conversation.  “Oh man, you know what would be an awesome band name?!”  No, I don’t, please shut up.  But even if it is good, you’ll probably just forget it the next day.

I must say, however, that this idea is pretty good so far. It has progressed much further than any of my other ideas, including a grindcore band called Chester Copperpot, where we frequently feature samples from The Goonies and other 80’s movie classics.  Maybe that will be my next project

Track 3: Bullet Holes the Size of Matzo Balls

After the band name, of course, comes the band logo.  There is a lot in a name, but how you choose to present it in a logo is extremely important.  I mean, how do you make band names such as See You Next Tuesday, or The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza seem metal if you don’t make it look metal?  You can’t.

One of my favorite styles of band logo is the undecipherable metal writing.  Here’s one example:


There might be letters in there somewhere… The ludicrousness of the illegibility of band logos is the focus of one of my favorite contests: The Completely Unreadable Band Logo of the Week at Metalsucks.net.  Every week they feature a new band logo.  If you identify it, you win a prize.  Check it out just to see just how crazy some of the logos can get.  Here’s another example for you:

“Owen Hart” …pretty rad, actually

That said, what kind of logo should Blood and Banjos have?  Metal, or bluegrass??  A hybrid would probably make the most sense.  Something to capture the essence of both genres.  I’m no artist though, which is why I brought this up with my friend Eric.

Eric is a great artist and has graciously offered to help out.  Check out some of his work here.  I love this one below:

i would skate the shit out of this deck

He said he’d work on a few sketches and send them my way soon. I’ll share them when I get them, stay tuned!

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3 thoughts on “We need a logo

  1. xohxvalentinex says:

    I’m weeks behind on my reading – sorry.

    Thanks for getting me turned on to the Completely Unreadable Band Logo of the Week contest. I’ve never heard of that before. I must say I think I’m pretty awesome at decoding metal script (actually Gurglectomy took me longer to figure out than this week’s contest – so your find was better than theirs!)
    Like I needed another random contest to waste my time entering in 🙂

    Lastly, damn Eric’s art is really going well. That looks awesome, I’m really glad to hear you will be collaborating on this.

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