Prior Art 5: Something Different

This post is part of my 3 week series that explores previous examples of blending of bluegrass and metal music.
I will be back in action June 13.

So far we’ve seen plenty of bluegrass inspired metal, and metal inspired bluegrass.  But what about the folk music of other countries? Hard music has a way of influencing other musical styles, and the results can be amazing.

One such example is the very successful group, Rodrigo y Gabriela.  The Mexican guitar duo plays a blend of musical styles that might be described as “metal influenced flamenco.”  I happen to be a big fan.

Hints of metal music also find their way into traditional Japanese music.  Here is a video of two musicians rocking out on some shamisens (again, found via No Clean Singing.)

Not that I don’t respect this for what it is, but just imagine some bass, drums, and screaming vocals added to the mix…


2 thoughts on “Prior Art 5: Something Different

  1. Dude, that Rodrigo y Gabriela is off the hook. I am no lost on Youtube listening to as much as my brain can handle. Thanks for posting that vid! I gotta learn me some Flamenco guitar, sounds so damn cool.

    • blood and banjos says:

      yeah man, some serious talent there. unfortunately i think they’ve changed their style a bit recently… why does that always happen?

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