Prior Art 3: Trve Black

This post is part of my 3 week series that explores previous examples of blending of bluegrass and metal music.
I will be back in action June 13.

Of course, even the most extreme black metal bands have already explored bluegrass.  Is anything original these days??

(Also, in case you’re curious about the title of the post, “Trve Cvlt” is a term that black metal fans use for “True Cult.”)

The first video is from a band I’ve already shown you, Taake.  They play some pretty solid black metal, but in this track at around 3:20 something incredible happens.  I certainly wouldn’t call it bluegrass, but still, you don’t hear much banjo in Norwegian Black Metal these days.  Rad.

The next example comes from Panopticon.  This is some pretty lo-fi, ambient, black metal shit right here.  If you’re impatient, and have trouble appreciating art, the music begins at about 2:05 (so fast forward through all the boring crap.)  Vocals begin at 4:15.

At 11:15 (yes it’s 16 minutes long) we are introduced to some folky finger picking on acoustic instruments.  There is some definite bluegrass kicking in at 13:06 though.

The two styles aren’t really combined together, but it is indeed a single song with both black metal and bluegrass.  Bravo Panopticon!


One thought on “Prior Art 3: Trve Black

  1. Islander says:

    Panopticon’s new album, KENTUCKY, is due for release in June, and a song from the album called “Bodies Under the Falls” has been released for advance streaming. It includes a banjo instrumental in the middle of the song (which is another long one). You can listen here:

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