Prior Art 2: Full Integration

This post is part of my 3 week series that explores previous examples of blending of bluegrass and metal music.
I will be back in action June 13.

Here are a couple good examples of bands fully embracing the banjo into their heavier brand of music. (As I mentioned before, I was inspired by this thread at No Clean Singing.)

The first example may not exactly be metal, but the band still does a great job integrating the banjo and country feel with some heavy electric guitars.

As the video setting implies, we’re talking more deep south than appalachia, but close enough.

The next example is from a band I’ve mentioned before: Maylene and the Sons of Disaster.  They’re a great southern metal band, and if you can’t enjoy the opening riffs, then you just suck.  Listen for the banjo around 0:30.

Also, word to the wise: if you’re playing heavy southern rock with a banjo, then you’d better be playing on a raft in a river.


2 thoughts on “Prior Art 2: Full Integration

  1. jakemanson says:

    Damn, that Zakk Wylde can fucking do anything.

  2. I love some Pride and Glory, IMO Zakk Wylde’s most unappreciated work. His solo work is great too, Book of Shadows is well worth hunting down. Maylene is awesome too. Great post, time to pop in some good ol’ Appalachia rock.

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