Track Assignments and More Banjo

Remember the track I posted under the title of First Blood?  Well, I think I’ve decided that this song will be perfect for Track 6.  (You can check it out by using the menu on the left side of this page.)

Track 6 is the song where the town discovers Abram’s crimes, and decides to take action.  The intense metal part in the middle will have to be where the town courier describes in detail what he has seen… should be good!

I sent a working file to Patrick to see what kind of banjo he could write to it.  This clip is done only on acoustic guitar, so from 0:28 to 1:07 you have to imagine the parts being played on electric guitars!

Here is what I got back from Patrick:

This has awesome potential, if you have the imagination! I hope you’re not getting tired of bad quality drafts though. I’m afraid we’ll be doing this for quite a while until we’re able to solidify songs.  Only then will we start to polish them.  Hang tight!

I have also decided to assign the song that I previously presented as A Bit of Southern Metal to Track 4.

This track has a certain intensity that will go well with Abram losing his mind.  I need to write an ending for it though…

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