Casting Results

Ok fine, we didn’t exactly have try-outs, but I have here the casting results for Blood and Banjos.

  • Abram, our lead character, will be played by Patrick.  He has a strong voice, a great scream, and also has some acting experience.  (He was the lead male part in pretty much every one of our high school musicals.)
  • Abram’s Wife, as mentioned previously, will be played by Nicole.  Nicole’s rich voice is going to perfect for the loving wife, and I just can’t wait to hear these two harmonize together!
  • The Lynch Mob Leader will be played by Dan, Patrick’s older brother.  Dan can have a great booming voice when he wants, perfect for rallying people together.  The confrontation between Abram and the mob leader will also have great chemistry coming from brothers!
  • The Town Courier will be me.  I’m not the best singer, but if I really work on a small part, I think I can make it sound decent.
  • Jesus/Satan will be Drew.  I think his voice and scream will be great for the part, and as we can see below, he’s no stranger to taking on this role.

that’s drew on the left. and yes, he has SATAN written backwards on his forehead…

I’ll of course have to enlist more people for gang vocals, and I think I’ll also want a chorus of female vocalists, lead by Amanda.  Let’s call them The Angels.  I think I know some people I could call up…

Side note: did you know that there are 9 orders of angels in Christianity?  I’ve seen Seraphim and Cherubim frequently referenced, but I’ve never heard of Orphanim, which “appear as a beryl-coloured wheel-within-a-wheel, their rims covered with hundreds of eyes.”  Weird.

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